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EP. 2

Title Page: Agent of Darkness

Sorry for the long absence even after i commented that i would do one soon! i actually got really sick a few days after that comment and it took some time for me to recover since my body has always been in poor health. Same applies as before, feel free to pick this up, I translate this whenever i feel like it… on that note chapter 3 will be out at any time within the next few days, iunno, whenever i feel like it capiche? 😉

On another note, I may start MTL’ing another novel or two that i really liked reading

OH, and if i ever do continue this more seriously, do keep in mind…. I cant actually read much chinese yet, which means i *cannot* translate VIP chapters (typically at around the 120th chapter it hits VIP) because VIP chapters are encoded as an image file with blurriness to prevent it being copied and pasted on aggregate sites for free…. soooo ya, you are warned (tho honestly, its unlikely i actually take translating seriously, atleast until maybe spring of 2021, i just have a lot going on rn. anyway, to the story)

“Um… my name is…”

After sorting out my thoughts a bit, I found that there were still some memories of this body that did not belong to me.

“The name is Xu Xue… it’s pretty ordinary … the age is eighteen…”

Is this body really eighteen years old?

I looked at the short girl in the mirror again, no matter how I looked at the girl, she looked like a kid who had not graduated from junior high school.

In this era, there are still such underdeveloped girls. It can only be said to be a rare animal.

Now that science and technology are advanced, all children will inevitably undergo a series of genetic adjustments before they are born, and on the basis of such genetic adjustments, being able to develop in this way… can only be said to be a problem with a small probability.

After all, genetic adjustment only has a 0.00001% risk probability, and this girl named Xu Xue is naturally the rare 0.00001%.

And this height problem also caused a lot of trouble to Xu Xue. It seemed that in many schools due to this physical defect, Xu Xue was constantly bullied by other girls during school. Because of this bullying problem, Xu Xue has a serious mental disorder, making it almost impossible to speak normally in front of strangers.

But fortunately, this girl is strong enough. After the difficulties in high school, Xu Xue was admitted to the First Space Army Academy. This is the most difficult academy in this country. As a former candidate, I know the status this school has clearly.

But there are also worms that rely on relationships.

But just a few days ago, Xu Xue’s admission to the First Space Army Academy was given out by the school, and the guys who had partnered up to bully Xu Xue actually came directly to the door and tore Xu Xue’s admission notice in front of Xu Xue.

“Someone like you can actually be admitted to the same school as ours… Isn’t it cheating?! Or did you sleep with the teacher?”

The girl who used to keep silent even if she was bullied finally couldn’t hold on at this moment. Xu Xue, who was completely broken, entered a state of complete hunger strike. After staying in the room for several days, she finally died by the pool.


To be honest, this method of dying is really not as good as taking a gun and killing yourself directly or jumping from the top of the building quickly and without painful torture, but on the other hand, it also shows that Xu Xue’s mentality at the time was completely broken, she can even be said to be crazy.

“I can’t promise to help you avenge you, but I will use your body to survive!”

I looked at the familiar and unfamiliar existence in the mirror, and said in a blunt tone.

The communication issues on this body has penetrated into the bone marrow, even if the soul is replaced, there is no way to speak normally.

This makes me a little annoyed. After all, if you can’t even communicate, things will be difficult… It doesn’t seem to be difficult…

(look, don’t ask me, it literally says it doesn’t seem difficult right after saying things will be difficult…. i am just as confused as you are on what the author means by this)

I learned from Xu Xue’s memory that she had lived with her uncle before high school, and as a captain of the human fleet, her uncle discovered Xu Xue’s possible talents, so he has been training Xu Xue since she was a child. This allowed Xu Xue to enter such a difficult school during the college entrance examination.

Looking at my slender arms, I can hardly imagine that such a weak arm can actually do all the things I could do, and in some respects, these hands do better than me.

“This is the so-called genius, right?”

I looked at myself in the mirror again, then turned around and left the toilet. When I passed the living room and saw the kitchen, I suddenly realized that I seemed to be starved to death, but now I didn’t feel any hunger.

“Probably an illusion…”

I glanced at the electronic clock hanging on the wall. The time indicated on it was twelve o’clock, noon, and the date seemed to be the third day after my death.

“It took three days for me to come back to life…”

And when I was talking to myself, the sound of knocking came from the door. After being startled, I then subconsciously tidied up the pajamas that I was wearing, which was not very neat, and ran over and opened the door.

When the door opened, he saw a man with a peaked cap and a courier uniform standing at the door. He also held a cardboard box in his hand.

“Are you Xu Xue?”


There was no way to say anything at all, even though I had already figured out the complete wording in my brain, the vocal cords, tongue, and mouth were completely numb at the moment.

I couldn’t help but nod, and the other party didn’t think it was weird. After handing the box to me, he turned around and left.

“Is the express delivery people so rude now?”

In the absence of anyone, I can still speak well, even if the voice is a bit harsh.

After closing the door, I put the box on the table, and then took a kitchen knife from the kitchen and cut the seal. After opening it, I saw a small object like a Rubik’s Cube.

However, although this so-called Rubik’s Cube has small pieces like a Rubik’s Cube, it does not have multiple colors, and the whole thing looks a unique milky white.

Reaching out and touching this so-called Rubik’s Cube, I can clearly feel that the texture of this Rubik’s Cube is like a toilet tile.

“Hey hey hey! That is rude of you to say about my shell!”


The sudden sound frightened me. I looked around but didn’t see anything talking. Could it be that I forgot to turn off the computer?

“Don’t look for it! The one you are touching now is the one talking!”

The Rubik’s Cube I was touching suddenly trembled. I hurriedly withdrew my right hand, and the Rubik’s Cube stopped trembling after a few seconds. The mysterious voice became a little hesitant at this time: “That …… can you help me peel the tape off my body? I can’t fly if it sticks to me like this!”

“You are the one talking?”

I was sure that the one talking was the Rubik’s Cube in front of me.

“Yes! It’s me, please remember my designated name, Hei Ling!”

(the name is Hei Ling, which means Black Spirit [Yes, like from the MMO Black Desert Online lol], I was tempted to keep it translated as Black Spirit since it’s technically an object and, as they said, its a *designation* rather then a proper name. so I am not sure if you guys would prefer we keep it as a proper name [Hei Ling] or a designation [Black Spirit]. let me know what you think)


I don’t know why I have the idea to get rid of this thing.

“Don’t! I am the comrade-in-arms sent by the Dark to support you! I am your most loyal partner!”

“you are?”

“Aren’t you unable to communicate with people normally? I can just translate your thoughts to those guys! Although this kind of work is really overkill for me, my teacher told me that even no matter how bad the task or owner is, I have to work until my battery runs out.”

“Why do I feel like you are scolding me?”

“That is just your illusion! You have just been resurrected from another body, and you have not yet reached a 100% compatibility. It is only natural to have inexplicable illusions! It’s like when you first wake up, do you feel confused? Strange? The situation now is the same as when you first woke up!”

“Why do I feel you use so many words? Is it my illusion?”

“Ah! That is not your illusion! As a black spirit, the most important thing is to provide enough and effective information for the master, and this will inevitably increase the amount of words. After all, for those complicated things, it is impossible for us to generalize information in a few words. We must maintain a rigorous attitude!”

(See! here Black Spirit seems more appropriate, as they refer to multiple of their type, Black Spirit is a designation for a think, so it doesn’t feel right to write it like a proper name here… aghh)


“So since you don’t want to ask me more questions, let me go! I am a black spirit, and I have my own self-esteem, so talking to you will make me feel very ashamed.”


I picked up the kitchen knife and pushed the blade into the gap between the black spirit and the box, preparing to cut the tape attached to it.

“Be careful! The surface of my body is forged by a special process only available in the Darkness. If it is scratched, it will cost a lot of money to repaint it.”

“Such an awesome shell will be scratched by a knife?”

“You can try to scratch the paint on some cars that look awesome on the street and see if those car owners won’t come and kill you. Naturally, this kind of exterior paint that exists only as a beautiful thing can’t defend against things like knife scraping! Besides, didn’t you feel good touching it just now?


I cut all the tape apart, and then completely tore off the tape stuck to Hei Ling’s body, and then Hei Ling was able to fly.

It was like a balloon floating above the height of my eyes. The front of Hei Ling was not like a Rubik’s Cube, but had a camera like an eye.

“Ah! I finally see you! Master, your… figure is really breathtaking!”

“Why do I feel there is no need for you to exist?”

I don’t know why, I always feel annoyed when I hear this guy say his figure.

“Master, you are just annoyed by a feeling of inferiority caused by your poor body, but if you think about it carefully, it may be much better.”

“what do you mean?”

“Master, you should know that there are many very rare animals on the earth, such as the kind of pandas that can be fed by humans by being cute. If there are more pandas, then pandas will become less rare. At that time, naturally it will not be able to be fed by humans as a protected animal… and the master is also the same. Since the breasts and buttocks are the most indispensable in this world, the master will become a rare resource if he does the opposite. Wasn’t it rushed to ask?!”


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