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001. Back to the past (回到过去)

Title Page: I Don’t Want To Be Attacked By Him

In early May, in the snow-white ward. (1)

A thin woman was excitedly talking to the man next to her.

“Look! The voice packets I finished recording after a week are all stored in this smart speaker! Even if I’m gone in the future, my voice can accompany you! This is your birthday present! Be happy!”

She excitedly stuffed the small smart speaker into the man’s arms, with an unnatural blush on her face.

“You have a bad memory, I have fixed the timing and I promise to be able to nag you on time as before.” The woman raised her head triumphantly, “Even if I die, you can’t get rid of me!”

The man hugged the small speaker silently and looked at the woman’s face calmly.

She is clearly a patient, but she is as sweet as an angel.

After the ward has been quiet for a while, the woman turned her head and muttered: “But if you meet a girl you like, just throw it away, otherwise they will be jealous. You are only in your early thirties, and it would be nice to get married again.”

The man’s lips squirmed slightly, his voice hoarse: “Yi Qiu, if you have another life, would you still be with me?”

“Yes!” She nodded without hesitation, and then smiled again, “When did you begin to believe in this kind of thing?”

“If you really have a next life, I hope your luck will be better.” The man stretched out his hand and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Look at you in this life. Ten consecutive years have never been guaranteed.”

“I was lucky…at least I met you.”

Tears had already flowed on the man’s cheeks for some time. He whimpered silently and his shoulders trembled: “I’ve made you have a stomachache and need to come to the hospital for a visit.” (2)

The woman stretched out her hand to wipe the tears from the man’s face.

She gave a gentle smile: “Don’t worry, I will definitely eat my meals on time in my next life, and I will never stay up all night!”

“Hey, don’t cry, it’s so ugly that a big man is crying.” (3)

A week later.

“Husband! It’s eight o’clock! It’s time to get up and wash!”

“Husband! It’s time to eat the rib porridge that you put in the rice cooker last night! You have to go to work after breakfast!”

“Husband husband! You are too late for work!”

Energetic sounds filled the small bedroom, the morning sun poured in from the windows, and the floating dust swayed in the morning light.

The golden sunlight fell on the light-colored striped wooden floor, reflecting the empty bottles and cans in the place, reflecting dazzling flashes.

A man sits on a side chair, holding a photo frame in his hands with blank eyes.

“Wife, if there is another life…”

The dizziness caused by alcohol can not offset the severe pain from the heart. He only felt that his heart was divided into two, his soul was torn apart, and the world was gloomy from then on.

He held the photo frame, stood up slowly, and walked away from the house holding his wife’s photo.

In the dim corridor, he stepped into the elevator.

Then came… the sirens, the crowd, and the messy elevator shaft.

(TL: Yikes. right out of a horror movie)


In 2020, on the southern coast.

Yi Qiu was suddenly awakened.

The violent heartbeat in his chest made him feel particularly uneasy. He looked up at the sunset outside the window.

“what happened?”

He clutched his chest and felt his fiercely beating heart, and swallowed: “I Suddenly want to cry…it’s not time to suppress the cloud, right?” (4)

As time passed, his heartbeat gradually slowed down.

Only then did Yi Qiu slowly get out of bed, stretched and yawned again and again.

I accidentally slept for three hours in the afternoon, and tonight…I can play games all night again.

He walked out of the bedroom happily, but when he passed the simple floor mirror, he suddenly slowed down.

He hesitated, looking at himself in the mirror in disbelief.

“Why do I feel that I seem to be a lot more handsome?” (5)

Leaning in front of the mirror and looking carefully, Yi Qiu can clearly notice that his skin has become more delicate, and his eyebrows and facial features have become more symmetrical and beautiful. Although he can’t see too much, it is definitely 20% more handsome than before.

Does a nap count as a beauty sleep?

“Brother, it’s time to eat.”

The door was suddenly opened, and Yiwen entered, but he was taken aback: “What are you doing?”

Yi Qiu, who was ‘scratching his head and posing’ in the mirror and looking for selfie angles from various angles, instantly froze his face: “Self-portrait, none of your business.”

I suddenly found myself getting handsome. Of course, I took it and sent it to my roommates to show off!

He followed Yiwen to the dining room at a relaxed pace, and after sitting down he lifted his left foot onto the chair.

“Brother, put your feet down.”

“You are so annoying, what’s wrong with being casual at home?”

Yi Qiu muttered, put his legs down honestly, and couldn’t help but lean in front of Yiwen excitedly, facing up, with a smug expression: “Look at me! aren’t I a lot more handsome!”

“Well, it’s suitable for women’s clothing.” (6)

“Usually it’s the older brother asking for the younger brothers womens.”

“Who makes my brother look so pitiful when he is less than one meter seven?”

(TL: oof, even in china the short kings get bullied, sad)

“Qi~” (7)

After taking a few bites of rice, Yi Qiu couldn’t help but talk about other things: “The college entrance examination is coming in June, right? How about you go to my school to study?”

“I’ll think about it.”

It is May Day. Although the holiday is short, Yi Qiu still goes home to visit his younger brother who is about to take the college entrance examination, for fear that his younger brother will be like him in the college entrance examination.

Holding the chopsticks, he reminded in a serious tone:

“When you take the college entrance examination, you must arrive at the examination room half a day earlier! I was two hours earlier at that time, and the bus accident happened! Be sure to bring more pencils, a whole box! and also……”

Yiwen interrupted him helplessly: “Brother, you having bad luck doesn’t mean that I also have bad luck.”

His elder brother has never had any good luck since he was a child. There will always be accidents in various exams, especially the college entrance examination. As a result, the elder brother who got top 10 in the mock exam can only go to an ordinary university.

Before eating the last few bites of the meal, Yi Qiu suddenly received a call.

He was stunned, looked at the unfamiliar phone number, and blankly picked up the connection.

“Hello? Who is this?”

There was a pause, and a moment later, a hoarse but surprised voice asked: “Hello, I’m looking for Yi Qiu.”

“That’s me.”

“You are Yi Qiu?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

Yi Qiu didn’t hear the other party’s response for a long time, and looked at the caller ID again a little worriedly.

“Who is it?” The younger brother asked, looking up.

“I don’t know, he hasn’t responded for a long time, seller?” He scratched his head, just about to hang up, but suddenly his eyelids jumped, picked up the phone and questioned the other side, “Are you Liunian?”

Yiwen was stunned and looked up at Yi Qiu.

Before they could answer, Yi Qiu asked nervously again: “No, how did you get my phone number?”

“Sorry, maybe I got the wrong call.”

The man’s tone became a little lost, and then he hung up the phone.

The pimple on Yi Qiu’s eyebrows has become heavier, and he has been silent for a long time while looking at the phone.

“Brother, who’s Liunian?”

“Oh, my boyfriend I talked about online.”


He raised his head and showed off to his brother with a straight face: “I deceived a lot of skins from him!”

“No, this is illegal, right?”

“He took the initiative to give them to me every time, and i didnt ask for it.” Yi Qiu triumphed.

Yiwen was surprised: “He didn’t ask you for photos or voice chat?”

“Voice changer can be used for voice, womens for photos…” He suddenly reacted and immediately changed his words, “You can find pictures sent by other girls on the Internet to use.”

In fact, he used his own photos of women’s clothing, but the source of the photos of women’s clothing is his dark history.

This kind of thing can’t be said to anyone, let alone his own brother.

Yiwen looked at Yiqiu in shock: “Why didn’t I see the picture you posted?”

“I have two QQs, the main one for real friends, an alt for netizens.”

It’s just that Yi Qiu didn’t feel complacent for a long time, so he lowered his head and muttered worriedly, “I’m afraid he really found my phone. Why don’t you confess?”

After all, that person is looking for him by name, and if a stranger wants to know his name, I’m afraid the only people would be takeaway and courier guys.

The other party not only knows his name, but also loses his tone after hearing his voice. Perhaps in the other party’s eyes, “Yi Qiu” is a female?

This must be the online dating boyfriend!

1. Snow-white ward is a euphemism for a hospital ward. (Go Back)

2. what he is saying is what chinese people commonly do: downplay the severity of the situation, she is obviously not in the hospital for a short visit over a “stomachache” but it sounds nicer that way (Go Back)

3. she is not actually calling him ugly, in chinese, calling something “ugly” can also be used as a way of saying its taking away from your image. he is not ugly for crying, it just doesn’t suit his image (Go Back)

4. I actually dont know what this is referring to, the “cloud” in this instance is referring to the Network Cloud, however i honestly dont understand the relevance in this context, it seems out of place. [“也没到网抑云时间吧?”] (Go Back)

5. In chinese, handsome and pretty can be translated interchangebly in english, so just know that may be why a man may take offence to being called handsome in some instances, and not-so in other, it tends to depend on context and what character specifically is ues (nearly all can be used for both terms, but some are used more for one over the other more often). for ease of reading, I will translate the word as characters use it as, rather than what it is assumed to be by other characters (so if someone calls another “handsome” in a non-pretty way, i will write handsome, despite the fact the other character assumes they got called pretty and takes offence) (Go Back)

6. In chinese, you would rarely say crossdressing, instead you refer to the clothes directly, a man crossdressing would be called “womens clothing” or, shorthanded to “womens”. vice versa for women in “mens”. if you see someone refer to their “womens” they are talking about their crossdressing. (Go Back)

7. 戚 (Qi) is a denotation of grief, sorrow, or woes, think of it as a form of verbal crying. (Go Back)

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