I just wanted to say screw you.

You may be asking about the title…. yeah well dont, because screw you. 🙂



13 thoughts on “I just wanted to say screw you.

    1. I have not had any issues with how the site works on different platforms or browsers, if you manage your sites backend yourself you may have issues with how the site automatically sizes

      many browsers use different form fits for their websites, just like mobile devices do. this means that if your backend isnt designed to change the fit of your site it wont display correctly, the only method i can think to fix this is to code the site to work with external browsers to change the sizing, many themes pre-do this by adding in a code that allows the browser/device to automatically resize the site themselves, your theme/sites backend may be denying permission to the external browser/device to edit the sites sizing, first thing i would check is make sure the file that determines the sites aspect ratio/sizing isnt locked or private

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